Triad Roofing: Imaginarium Video

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Debbie Holseth and I have our six seconds of local fame in Thunder Bay thanks to Imaginarium. Debbie is a PSW and at work she is referred to now as the Movie Star! Debbie Holseth

Tiger Dream: Trip to Ghana, March, 2012

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Thanks to the Ontario Arts Council and the Chalmer’s Fellowship Award, I was able to visit Accra and Elmina in Ghana, where I did research for an upcoming children’s picture book – Tiger Dream. (The tiger in the story is from a North American zoo.) Please go to “Africa Blog” on my website ( to see images from this trip, and how the trip and research applies to the book. At some point the “Africa Blog” will turn into the “Tiger Dream” blog. The blog will detail how ideas for the story and imagery are created, and how research for the story will apply.

Rock God: Tony Levin – Minneapolis, Oct. 9, 2011

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Out of a perfect ensemble of musicians I was able to snag Tony Levin for a photo. Adrian Belew, Pat Mastelotto and others of the more “progressive rock” scene were viciously loud and spot on perfect with their own tunes and some of King Crimson’s. Unlike a Crimson concert where you can get stoned to death for taking a photo, the audience was snapping away – and taking video. Amazingly, my ears, nor my friend’s ears, were ringing after the concert – even after Belew’s screeching twang-bar solos. Can’t wait to see them again. Might make another trip next year.

Special Guest: Northern Harrier: Oct.1, 2011

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A Northern Harrier sped down from the sky and slammed into the window of a local shop. The harrier may have been chasing after a smaller bird. A young man protected the harrier from the local cats as she hopped around in my back lane. The appropriate authorities were called, but they didn’t have the facilities or manpower for a bird. I took in the harrier, and she slept soundly through the night. The next day my girlfriend and I attempted to release the bird in a park. She couldn’t fly. We would have tried again the next day, but sadly the harrier died in her sleep. I buried the harrier in the forest. My painting of the harrier (right image) has been donated to a World Vision fundraiser. Below, my lovely girlfriend, Debbie, sends me a picture from a trip to Kelowna, B.C. Debbie Holseth 2

Betty Leaves in Grace/ New Books

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Betty Weller, our Step-Grandmother, who famously yelled at her wedding, “Don’t you dare call me Grandmother! I will kill you, I will kill you all!” was actually a very gentle and generous woman. Betty recently passed away shortly after her 99th birthday inVictoria, B.C. She stopped driving at the age of 93! Betty married Raymond shortly after our Grandmother, Babs, passed away fifteen years ago. In her eighties, this was her first marriage. Betty and Ray were the best of companions, leaving us with many great stories.

Random Acts of Poetry: Work is Crew

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It was that time of year when the poets crawled away from their desks in Thunder Bay. We were a frightening bunch of catewaulers who stopped pedestrians and sometimes traffic with words that shook and blocked the normal routine of people’s lives. We weren’t sure what kind of state we left them in, but for poets, nearly any effect is worthwhile. These performances were organized by the Definitely Superior Art Gallery. Dozens of local poets and songwriters got involved. Featured here are (anti-clockwise): Nolan Smirk, Sara, Renee Terpstra, and me, the blowhard with the electric blowhorn.

Sideline: Extra Work in Two Local Feature Films

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90% of my time is spent at home working on my books, so it’s good to get out and meet people. I had two short non-speaking roles (valuable seconds!) in two local film productions. The Big Fin Hall is Kelly Saxberg‘s one hour docudrama celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Finnish Hall in Thunder Bay. I play one of the few cops who raids the Hall to acquire unionist/communist propaganda. We drove off in a 1920s replica car. Fun stuff. In Rodney Dwira‘s film, 10-57 a full-length police movie, I play a plainclothes Missing Persons Unit detective (and didn’t fire a shot! Rats). Actors came from Toronto and some of the crew (graduates from the Con College film program) from Vancouver. Angela Pye is my partner in the shot on the right. Release dates are in 2011.